Our Origin Story

“CTO meets Real Estate Broker and here we are”


Property Sprocket’s mission is to improve the process of buying and selling houses. From process to technology to client experience, we are constantly looking for ways to make real estate transactions easier, less expensive, and more efficient for consumers and agents.

The catalyst for this endeavor was a conversation on Twitter about how the real estate world, and specifically real estate tech, lagged far behind other industries. Sean was an experienced CTO who was anticipating an exit from the medtech company he started and looking for his next project. Melanie was an agent with a few years experience who believed there had to be a better way than the status quo and was looking for advice on how to use technology to improve the process. The two Baton Rouge natives quickly reconnected and started working on plans to build a different kind of real estate company.

The founders approached the process from the perspective of a startup, where ideas were developed, tested, and refined or discarded. This nimble approach to building a real estate brokerage allowed them to develop a deep level of understanding of how the industry worked and to keep up with the rapidly changing real estate tech landscape.

After five years of collaboration and exploration, our founders have arrived at a client-centric business model with providing a superior customer experience as our highest goal. We have embraced the quality over quantity approach in our agent recruitment and employment and are dedicated to finding and developing the best tools for both brokers, agents, and consumers




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Melanie Coker
Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Managing Broker, Company Creative,
Coach, and Heart

Sean Montgomery
Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Med Tech Startup Veteran,
and Company Problem Solver


McHugh Mugshot (1).jpg

J. McHugh David Jr.
Licensed Agent, COO, Media Magnate,
and Company Enforcer

Erica Coker
Licensed Agent, CNO, Super Connector,
and Head Cheerleader

Open Positions

Client Service Specialist

You are our clients' go to source for information and guidance throughout their experience



  • Licensed real estate agent
  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience
  • Experience with sales/customer service

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing is an integral part of our service to our clients. We also count on our marketing to help us get the word out about Property Sprocket. We are seeking a dynamic, high energy marketing coordinator with buy in on Property Sprocket's mission and culture.



  • Undergradute degree or equivalent experience
  • Extensive social media knowledge
  • Experience in event coordination preferred


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