Intelligent Toilets and Bad Milk

CES 2018

It's that time of the year when we realize we were promised Rosie the robot and flying cars by now, and still haven't gotten them.  It's the Consumer Electronics Show. CES 2018 is ending and let's take a look at a few of the items we can look forward to in 2018



With a double tap of the 29 inch screen on the new LG refrigerator, you can stare into the contents of your $4400 fridge and determine there isn't anything to snack on without having to open the door, but that's not all.  It will let you know when the milk, or any other food, is going bad, provided of course you put in the expiration dates. If I'm too lazy to open the door, I'm not sure that's going to happen, but we'll see.  So now that we've determined there's nothing to eat, don't worry Alexa is built in, just add it to the shopping list.

What?  The wash is done?  Yes, it seems that now your washer and dryer can send you an annoying text message right in the middle of HQ Trivia to let you know your underwear is dry.  In fact, just about everything in the kitchen can tell you what's going on.  Your oven is pre-heated, the popcorn is ready, and the dishes are clean. Did I mention that all of these smart appliances talk to each other also?  Yes, not scary at all. I don't think I'm hungry anymore.


Bathrooms are still pretty dumb. Honestly, little has advanced since Roman times in bathroom tech, but that's about to change.  We have reached the era of the intelligent toilet. If the term "intelligent toilet" is a little unnerving to you as it is to me, you'll be good with it when you learn IT CLEANS ITSELF! Yes, the Toto Neorest 750 Intelligent toilet can do a lot of things nobody cares about but it also can clean itself. Now if I could just remember where I left the remote to the toilet.  Dang it.

Want that shower nice and steamy warm, waiting for you. "Jeeves! I'm ready for my shower." Don't have a butler to draw your bath for you? No worries, just ask Alexa to do it. With the "U by Moen" smart showers, Alexa can start your shower and set it to your perfect temperature. Alexa, close your eyes, I'm getting in the shower.

Here at Property Sprocket we can't wait to list a home and be able to say, "This home has a stunning intelligent bathroom, and an incredible kitchen with state of the art appliances that might talk about you behind your back."

Real Estate 101 - Sellers - Declutter

FB KonMari.jpg

The process of selling your house starts way before you put the for sale sign out front.  One of the first things you should do is start the process of decluttering.  Few things turn potential buyers off more than piles of stuff everywhere. To accomplish your decluttering goals, we recommend the KonMari method app. This the official app developed in conjunction with the creator of the KonMari method, Marie Kondo and features checklist to help you move through your home, one category at a time.  Just search in your app store to find the app and download to get started.

Next week, our co-founder Melanie Coker will be sharing her experiences with the app on her personal blog as she works to declutter and reorganize her home after The Great Flood of 2016. Check back next week for the link to follow along.

Amazon Acquires Blink

Amazon Acquires Blink.png

Amazon acquires Blink, the security camera and doorbell company that began as a Kickstarter just three years ago. The acquisition of Blink continues Amazon's move into connected home products, including the popular Amazon Echo and the recent launch of Amazon Key. Connected home products could bring big changes to the way real estate is bought and sold, especially in the way homes are shown to potential clients. What do you think? What kind of impact will these smart home products have on real estate?

The Buyer Always Rings Once


Early in my real estate career, a very successful and experienced agent told me to always make sure the doorbell worked before putting a house on the market. This may seem like a tiny detail, but I can't tell you how many potential buyers I've seen go straight for the doorbell when they walk in a house. And they definitely make judgements based on whether or not it works. It's a little thing you can do that makes a big difference. If you're thinking about selling your house, get in touch and I'll put all my pro tip knowledge to work to sell your home 😊 - @msbatonrouge10

Big Plans for Next Year?

Monday Motivation.jpg

The Holidays are almost here! This is the time of year we reflect on the past year, but also look forward to the next one. We get engaged. We set our goals. We think about our plans for the future.  If your plans include buying your first home, or selling your first home to upgrade to a better one, now is the time to start getting ready. Contact Property Sprocket today and we will help you make the right moves.

Smart Home Christmas Wishlist - Neato Botvac Connected

Are smart home devices on your family's 2017 Christmas wishlist? The Neato Botvac Connected is probably the only vacuum you can give your significant other for Christmas and not be in trouble. The Neato features a wifi enabled robot that allows you to control your Neato from wherever you are via the Neato app. You can also manage your Neato by voice commands through your Amazon Echo. The Neato Connected is available at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers and has a suggested retail price of $699. #techthursday


Tip Tuesday - Mortgage Preapproval

Getting preapproved with a mortgage lender gives you a jump start on your home buying process. Knowing your options and how much you are comfortable spending saves you time and helps make the buying process more efficient. Most home sellers require proof of preapproval before accepting an offer, so having that information ready can help ensure you get the house you want in today's fast moving market. Property Sprocket can help you find the best lender for your situation. Get in touch and we'll help you get started! 🏠⚙️