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OPINION | Melanie Coker: A good starting price can make any real estate deal - or sink it

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Pricing your home too high can actually lead to a lower sales price.  This week's Livingston Parish News column explains why.

Melanie Coker: Want your home to be a cut above the rest on the market? Stage it

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I’ve always been a bit of a cynic on the importance of staging a home for sale. While I’ve always thought it was a good idea and could contribute to getting a home sold, my mantras have always been, “Price sells homes,” and “you have to look beyond the fluff to the important stuff.” Like so many things in life and real estate, I gained some perspective when the shoe was on the proverbial other foot.

Part of my job as a real estate agent is to see past the fluff, so when I am helping clients, I am logical and practical when looking at houses. “You know it’s not going to look like this without all this stuff,” and “these features are just cosmetic and don’t justify the price being that high,’ are phrases I’ve often repeated to clients who just went starry eyed over gorgeous staging and have completely forgotten that the roof looks a little suspect and how old was that hot water heater again? I’ve seen staging convince people they really don’t need that fourth bedroom (yes they do) or a 45 minute commute to work won’t be THAT bad (yes it will.)

So when I was browsing a few houses for myself this weekend, I didn’t expect to be so easily swayed by nice smells, boxwood wreaths, and fluffy pillows, but here we are. I bit, and I bit hard on a house that doesn’t really meet my essential checkboxes, but the staging was such HGTV perfection, I had already mentally moved in and was relaxing on the luxurious ivory sofa with my dog, reading a book while my kids were far, far away on the other side of the house, having fun playing Fortnite in the sunroom.

Luckily my significant other was there, playing the role of Melanie, real estate agent, saying “You know all this stuff isn’t going to stay in the house right?” and “Is this really the bathroom you want? The closet isn’t any bigger than the one you have now.” I reluctantly agreed that he was right, but I still went and looked at the house again. I’m trying to let it go, but I’m still thinking about how cute that “blessed.” wall art was in the dining room.

Staging works so effectively because it appeals to all the emotions that are wrapped up in making a place home. Marketing 101 tells us that most purchase decisions are based first on emotion and then justified by logic. So as a homeowner who wants to sell, appealing to those emotions is a powerful way to give your home an advantage. As a buyer, just make sure you bring along a cool headed real estate pro or a sensible significant other to help you balance those warm fuzzy feelings with practicality so you find the perfect mix of the two.

This post originally appeared as a column in The Livingston Parish News

Real Estate 101 - Sellers - Declutter

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The process of selling your house starts way before you put the for sale sign out front.  One of the first things you should do is start the process of decluttering.  Few things turn potential buyers off more than piles of stuff everywhere. To accomplish your decluttering goals, we recommend the KonMari method app. This the official app developed in conjunction with the creator of the KonMari method, Marie Kondo and features checklist to help you move through your home, one category at a time.  Just search in your app store to find the app and download to get started.

Next week, our co-founder Melanie Coker will be sharing her experiences with the app on her personal blog as she works to declutter and reorganize her home after The Great Flood of 2016. Check back next week for the link to follow along.

The Buyer Always Rings Once


Early in my real estate career, a very successful and experienced agent told me to always make sure the doorbell worked before putting a house on the market. This may seem like a tiny detail, but I can't tell you how many potential buyers I've seen go straight for the doorbell when they walk in a house. And they definitely make judgements based on whether or not it works. It's a little thing you can do that makes a big difference. If you're thinking about selling your house, get in touch and I'll put all my pro tip knowledge to work to sell your home 😊 - @msbatonrouge10

Big Plans for Next Year?

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The Holidays are almost here! This is the time of year we reflect on the past year, but also look forward to the next one. We get engaged. We set our goals. We think about our plans for the future.  If your plans include buying your first home, or selling your first home to upgrade to a better one, now is the time to start getting ready. Contact Property Sprocket today and we will help you make the right moves.

Real Estate Regret - FSBO

Selling your house yourself may seem like a great way to save money, but you can open yourself up to significant liability and unscrupulous scammers. For about the same listing fee as a featured listing on a FSBO site, a Property Sprocket agent will make sure you're covered and get your property in front of thousands more potential buyers. 


What we do

So what exactly does Property Sprocket do? Simply put, we are a new kind of real estate brokerage that uses tech and innovation to bring you all the services of a traditional agent for half the cost. You still have a dedicated agent. You still have signs, lockboxes, photography, marketing, negotiation help, etc. All the things you'd expect, in addition to an online client portal that keeps you informed and in control of your real estate transaction 24/7. If you have any questions, just let us know.🏠⚙️