Big Plans for Next Year?

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The Holidays are almost here! This is the time of year we reflect on the past year, but also look forward to the next one. We get engaged. We set our goals. We think about our plans for the future.  If your plans include buying your first home, or selling your first home to upgrade to a better one, now is the time to start getting ready. Contact Property Sprocket today and we will help you make the right moves.

Smart Home Christmas Wishlist - Neato Botvac Connected

Are smart home devices on your family's 2017 Christmas wishlist? The Neato Botvac Connected is probably the only vacuum you can give your significant other for Christmas and not be in trouble. The Neato features a wifi enabled robot that allows you to control your Neato from wherever you are via the Neato app. You can also manage your Neato by voice commands through your Amazon Echo. The Neato Connected is available at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers and has a suggested retail price of $699. #techthursday


Tip Tuesday - Mortgage Preapproval

Getting preapproved with a mortgage lender gives you a jump start on your home buying process. Knowing your options and how much you are comfortable spending saves you time and helps make the buying process more efficient. Most home sellers require proof of preapproval before accepting an offer, so having that information ready can help ensure you get the house you want in today's fast moving market. Property Sprocket can help you find the best lender for your situation. Get in touch and we'll help you get started! 🏠⚙️



Real Estate Regret - FSBO

Selling your house yourself may seem like a great way to save money, but you can open yourself up to significant liability and unscrupulous scammers. For about the same listing fee as a featured listing on a FSBO site, a Property Sprocket agent will make sure you're covered and get your property in front of thousands more potential buyers. 


What we do

So what exactly does Property Sprocket do? Simply put, we are a new kind of real estate brokerage that uses tech and innovation to bring you all the services of a traditional agent for half the cost. You still have a dedicated agent. You still have signs, lockboxes, photography, marketing, negotiation help, etc. All the things you'd expect, in addition to an online client portal that keeps you informed and in control of your real estate transaction 24/7. If you have any questions, just let us know.🏠⚙️