Imagine a world where buying a house was an enjoyable experience tailored to you and selling a house didn’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars of your hard earned equity. This is the world Property Sprocket is working to create. From our concierge level client service provided by our highly select local agent experts to our cutting edge brokerage systems that maximize efficiency and marketing capability, we are constantly innovating to find the best way to create the ideal modern real estate service.

Our Locations


baton rouge

A city rising defiantly from the Delta, Baton Rouge is a diverse metro area made up of an eclectic mix of small towns, trendy neighborhoods, and timeless communities. 

New Orleans (2).jpg

new orleans

Few cities have captured the collective imagination like New Orleans. With a heart for self expression and innovation, along with an appreciation for tradition, New Orleans continues to mix the old & new for a living experience unlike anywhere else.

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Orange beach

Welcome to the Emerald Coast, a hidden treasure along the Gulf of Mexico in Southern Alabama. The white sand beaches and laid back lifestyle have inspired beach house dreams and get away goals for the many visitors that visit this beautiful region annually


From old school night life to high tech industry, Reno is one of the most dynamic and growing cities in the west. We are a booming community that sits on the base of the Sierra Nevada so fun isn't far from work